Ida Pettersson Preutz 14/1 - 5/2
Dotty Dots Stripy Stripes

Ida Pettersson Preutz's work centres around optical illusions. Swelling vortexes, bouncing pixels, and vibrating lines - her images force the eye to look and look again, the perspective and focal point constantly shifting, disorientation leading to reorientation. She works meticulously, stitching every pixel of fabric into laser-straight rows and then stitching the rows into unique patchwork compositions. Unlike in quilting, the reverse of Pettersson Preutz's pieces are exposed and are just as alluring as the front, with the added dimension of showcasing her craftsmanship.
Her Material of choice is often cotton, though polyester, velvet and tulle make an apperance once in a while. All her fabrics are hand-dyed, hand-painted or screen-printed, allowing her to be very specific in the composition of her color palettes: often choosing vibrant neon tones, though more recently exploring the possibilities of the grey scale.