Sofi Zezmer (Tyskland) 23/3 - 14/4
Peripheral Vision

Sofi Zezmer diverse, multi-media artworks examine how we constantly transform information through our shifting focus of attention and explore the peripheral fields of our vision and awareness. The artist is not so much interested in the individual objects she employs, but rather in their interactions within proliferating networks of associations. Her works heighten the volume on this process and question the notion of absurdity inherent in the idea of 'extreme normality'. In her sculptures, installations, photographs and collage-drawings she disorients common correspondences and fuses the contrasting sense of foreignness and familiarity together. Citations of the macro and the micro worlds stand simultaneously next to each other, obscure details of conventional reality are often so isolated that they are no more seen as part of a larger, coherent context but rather represent just themselves. Her works often contain elements of language that hover in their potential meaning between the specific and the abstract.