Program - 2023 års utställningar på Galleri 21


Ida Pettersson Preutz 14/1 - 5/2
Dotty Dots Stripy Stripes

Ida Pettersson Preutz's work centres around optical illusions. Swelling vortexes, bouncing pixels, and vibrating lines - her images force the eye to look and look again, the perspective and focal point constantly shifting, disorientation leading to reorientation. She works meticulously, stitching every pixel of fabric into laser-straight rows and then stitching the rows into unique patchwork compositions. Unlike in quilting, the reverse of Pettersson Preutz's pieces are exposed and are just as alluring as the front, with the added dimension of showcasing her craftsmanship.
Her Material of choice is often cotton, though polyester, velvet and tulle make an apperance once in a while. All her fabrics are hand-dyed, hand-painted or screen-printed, allowing her to be very specific in the composition of her color palettes: often choosing vibrant neon tones, though more recently exploring the possibilities of the grey scale.



Birgitta Hallberg, Anne Brodersen 18/2 - 12/3
Væv og Sting

Birgitta Hallberg og Anne Brodersen mødte hinanden i 1969 på Kunsthåndværkerskolens tekstillinje .
De har begge mange udstillinger bag sig både i Danmark og i udlandet og er medlemmer af BKF.

Birgitta Hallberg kom som gæsteelev fra Konstfackskolan i Stockholm, og blev efter endt uddannelse , her i landet, hvor hun har virket som billedvæver.
Hendes inspiration kommer fra barndomsminde og tanker, som hun væver med tråde i mange farver.
I de seneste år er hun begyndt at arbejde med grafik (collografi).

Anne Brodersen arbejdede i mange år som billedvæver, men gik over til collager med broderi og sting, tryk, maling, håndlavet silkepapir, på håndlavet papir og som det sidste ”hot textiles og Ecoprint..
Hun inspireret af gamle kulturer, hvor hun henter billeder, stemninger, tegn og objekter, til collagerne.

Intentionen for dem begge er at føre det tekstile håndværk videre ind i nutiden og give dem et moderne udtryk.



Peter Land 25/3 - 16/4

ETER LAND (°1966. Aarhus, Denmark.) is one of Denmark’s leading contemporary artists. He makes performances, paintings, drawings, videos, sculptures… all with the same trademark tragi-comedic flair.

The ambitions and failures of man as he struggles to find balance and meaning are the recurrent source for absurd situations and compositions. Simultaneously dark and funny, hopeless and light, he never shuns the extreme, and we are confronted with our own ‘all too human’-ness, reminding us of how much we are concerned with our identity and how it is perhaps determined by the failure rather than by the becoming of our ‘selves’.

The subconscious and the self are explored by blurring the boundaries between memories and expression, children’s games and nightmares, desperation and the idyllic… The surreal and the grotesque ignite an existential alienation, and we are left unsettled but amused.

Land’s works have been featured in numerous exhibitions across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, including solo shows at Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, Denmark; the New Museum, New York, NY; and the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Land represented Denmark at the Venice Biennale in 2005.

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Hanna Roloff, Sindre Hustveit 29/4 - 21/5

Hanna Roloff--

Sindre Hustveit (b.1989, Bærum) lives and works in Oslo. He graduated from Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. At his solo exhibition at VAN ETTEN, Sindre Hustveit presents sculptures, reliefs and paintings. The exhibition arises from his interest in film, especially those that feature sea voyages, islands and adventures 



Johan Söderström 19/8 - 10/9



Lovisa Johansson - Carina Nyberg 23/9 - 15/10



Elisabeth Brenner Remberg 28/10 - 19/11



7 fönster 7 konstnärer 2/12 - 31/12